Jonas Lund
Mårdstigen 12, 3tr
17075 Solna
(These pages are in some places outdated as i deleted the main index.php ages ago. These pages will be updated as time goes on)
Jonas Lund
Mårdstigen 12,3tr
17075 Solna
known contact: , +46-(0)70-6827217

Worked at a company called e-game in 2000,that company is now history
Worked at another company called Amuze for a couple of stints from 2000 until 2003,
While there i was employed by two different legal entities called Amuze consisting
of the same employees but different backers. Both are now history as far as i know.
studying for a masters in media technology at kth since mid 2002
Worked at Daydream as a mobile developer. That company was later bought out by a poker provider and changed directions.
Consulting for Squace for a year inbetween studies
Founded my own company and still working through that now.

products worked on:
an advertisement game for the beetle baily comics (knasen in sweden,basserne in denmark and billy in norway), download seems unavailable at the moment.
headhunter, a game for ps2 and dreamcast
headhunter : redemption, the sequel game for ps2 and xbox
Various multiplayer products at Daydream
Worked on most parts of the early Squace platform but being mainly in charge of the J2ME based client.
prolly lotsa other stuff, see programming

Demoscene(?) profile:
known aliases:whizzter,patheticJ,meepmouse,kutepixel
known affiliations:woorlic,tpolm

demoscene productions:
countless woorlic demos
bjor7000 and te2rb7k2 windowsports for tpolm