Jonas Lund
Mårdstigen 12, 3tr
17075 Solna
ok.. i have tons of pictures, most of them are not online yet.

School again... this time we had to sketch a character and then model it. it's goddamn lucky that
i'm working with programming and not modelling! :)

Stupid animation task(animate a horse "realisticly") at school that i put a few hours work at.
you could take a peek at a picture of the horse and the animation itself.
two parody pages i made for a meeting at school. metjonas & metdavid
(yes, it's a scan from the metro newspaper that's edited)
some crap done while waiting for stuff at work(yes lotsa artefacts.. gotta fix it a bit)
i made the logotype for, you can see the actual picture is here.
apperantly someone copied in some other pic of the daemon but kept the text,
not that i mind, i drew that thing in 10 minutes anyhow :)

i was toying around with lightning and decided to make a small stupid bot and name it
after my other stupid bot(hermis, on the programming page)
hermis test1 - hermis test2