Jonas Lund
Mårdstigen 12, 3tr
17075 Solna
fixedpoint 16.16(arm) division
a fairly fast 16.16 fixedpoint div routine, it could prolly be optimized alot.
if you optimize it, PLEASE do share it back to me.
i released this to help you, help me and everyone else in return.

woorlic truecolor. simple truecolor library for win32 and linux x86.
update soon:
new version with MacOS and portable and
improved unified unix(previously linux) support using x11
spring/summer 2002

bin2obj , converts binary files to .obj files to be included in win32 or
dos binaries. the .obj format outputted is the classic intel omf
but vstudio6 handles it just fine, altho i've heard about problems
with vstudio7(.net)

quite simple aibot with surprising powers, totally uncommented.
irc support for chat madness

newmode.txt , a text describing how to setup a 120x160x16bpp
doublebuffered videomode on the gameboy advance.
written under an alias just for fun :)
(i've heard it's quite hard to understand it,
i guess it's due to me being very tired after hacking it together
late at night,so mail me if you've get problems)

wext, not online atm but i guess i could release the buttugly source.
wext is a dosextender i made back in 97-98 for fun and demos, it supports raw,vcpi and dpmi
and works quite stable. it emulates most of the dos32 api, so usmplay and mxmplay worked like a charm

other stuff. i've done an enormous amounts of small hacks
and i might release some of those.
tiny gba oscore with multitasking
like the http server i made overnight for win32, port to linux/freebsd by knos and me
fucked up addative synthesis sound generation.
,etc,etc,etc.. :)